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If you are injured in PA, as the result of an accident, then you need a dedicated lawyer with a winning record.  Michael Lerner Attorney at Law is just that.  With 22 years of experience, Michael will protect and preserve your rights to be compensated. Our job is to make sure that we get you the most money possible, to compensate you for your damages.  With hundreds of successful lawsuits under his belt, Attorney Michael Lerner Esq is so confident, that he does not get paid unless you win!

The Law Offices of Michael Lerner cares about each and every one of it's clients and will also make sure you get proper medical treatment, that your rights are not compromised by your employer, the insurance company and/or any investigator or any other party. With flexible hours, prompt call backs and individualized attention you can be assured that your case will get the attention it deserves.

Auto Accidents
     • All Auto and Car Accidents.

Slip and Fall Accidents
     • Injuries sustained from falling due to a defective condition on floor, ground or surface.

Product Liability: 
     • Injured as the result of a Defective Product.

Medical Malpractice:
     • Injuries or Defects caused by lack of proper medical treatment.

The Types of Auto Accident Injury Cases Attorney Michael Lerner routinely wins:

     • You are the driver and sustain injury from a collision with another vehicle or object.
     • You are a a pedestrian and are struck by an automobile.
     • You are a passenger and are injured as a result of a car accident.
The Types of Slip and Fall Injury Cases Lawyer Michael Lerner routinely wins:

     • You are injured outside as a result of holes, cracks and/or Uneven Surfaces.
     • You slip and fall indoors as a result of slippery floors and/or wet substances on the floor.   
     • You sustain injury as a result of a property owner not properly clearing snow or ice.
     • You are at a store or business and are hurt as a result of an object falling off a shelf and striking your body.

The Types of Product Liability Injury Cases Attorney Michael Lerner routinely wins:  

     • You eat in a restaurant or purchase food and get food poisoning.
     • You are injured as a result of poor workmanship or a defective product such as gym equipment, a hair dryer, wheel chair, etc.     
The Types of Medical Malpractice Injury Cases Lawyer Michael Lerner routinely wins:  

     • You sustain injury as a result of a surgery or medical procedure that was performed incorrectly
     • You or your child suffer birth defects or injuries occurring during delivery that should have been prevented.
     • You are injured as a result of a nurse or doctor's negligence in the emergency room

Personal Injury Attorney Michael Lerner will recover these types of damages:

• Pain & Suffering - Physical and emotional
• Medical Expenses - From the date of the accident and into the future as required by your condition
• Lost Wages - From the date of the accident and into the future
• Reimbursement for homecare
• Scars or disfigurement

You shouldn't have to suffer alone.  Call Attorney Michael Lerner today so you can recover the financial compensation that you deserve

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