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Michael Lerner Attorney at Law - Who We Are

At the injury law firm of Michael Lerner, we are committed to excellence and obtaining the maximum financial damages that you deserve.  While some law firms try to be all things, to all people, Attorney Michael Lerner takes a specialized approach.  By solely focusing on personal injury and workers' compensation cases over the last 2 decades, Michael has acquired the specialized knowledge and expertise that it takes to win.  He will fight for you to win every last dollar that you deserve and isn't afraid to go to trial if the settlement offered is insufficient.  It is this commitment to each an every client that separates Attorney Lerner from his peers.

Choosing the right attorney makes all the difference

You will work one on one with Michael and receive personal attention directly from him.  Unlike some personal injury law firms that pass you off to paralegals and junior associates you can often find Michael staying late at the office to personally check in on his clients or to go over specific details in preparation for the next day's court appearance.  When you are working with one dedicated and knowledgeable attorney who knows your case inside and out, you have a much better chance of winning substantial damages.  Michael is an upfront and realistic lawyer.  With this much experience he can usually give you a down to earth estimate of how much money you can expect to be awarded by the courts or through a settlement.  By having so much honesty and integrity you will always know exactly where you stand.

With knowledge and experience comes respect. Michael Lerner Esq has studied and practiced law in Bucks, Philadelphia, Delaware and Montgomery counties since 1991.  Over all of these years he has gained tremendous respect from local judges and attorneys.  The local legal community knows that he is a force to be reckoned with.  For these reasons, having Michael on your side means your chances of wining and winning big are drastically increased.  The difference between having a novice attorney or a veteran lawyer can absolutely mean the difference between winning or loosing.  Michael understands that you have been hurt and are suffering and sincerely wants to put his skills and expertise to work for  you.

Types of Cases Personal Injury Lawyer Michael Lerner specializes in:

Unfortunately life has its risks.  In an ideal world if you were hurt the responsible party would compensate you and life would go on.  As we all know this does not happen and that is why we have the law and a court system to hold parties accountable for their actions.  Proving accountability and the amount of accountability is the tricky part and your personal injury lawyer, Michael Lerner, is up to the task. His narrow focus and decades of experience make him an expert in:

• Personal Injury law suits due to the negligence of others
• Slip and Fall Accidents due to the negligence of the respective property owner
• Car and motorcycle accidents
• Product liability injuries from poor workmanship and defective products
• Medical malpractice due to doctors and nurses giving inadequate medical care
• Wrongful death law suits where we are robbed of our loved ones

When we have suffered it can be extremely difficult to try and pick up the pieces and fight.  In our darkest moments a helping hand is what we need.  Attorney Michael Lerner is extremely sensitive to your needs during your time of loss and recovery.  He is always on  your side and fighting for your best interest when you can't do it alone.  Michael looks out for what's best for you, and personally cares about your well being.  His caring demeanor combined with his local legal community respect and specialized expertise make him the ideal attorney for you.  Pick up the phone now and give Michael a call so he can put his skills to work for you and get you the financial compensation your deserve.

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